Certified USDA Organic





      Organic!                Local!                  Fresh!

 We grow  food which is 100% free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. We add only organic amendments, manures, and compost to our soil, we buy certified organic seed, we use minimal small scale machinery and our fields are alive with the hum of tree frogs, bees and crickets.  We find our work incredibly meaningful and fulfilling and hope to share that love with you through our food.

Calliope Farm is uniquely positioned only 4.5 miles away from Olympia city center. We see this as an opportunity to be able to serve the Olympia community and create direct connections with people and their food. We are excited about working towards creating a sustainable local food economy in Thurston County! Thanks for supporting your local small farms!

Calliope is an Olympia landmark~  We are lucky to be able to farm 6 acres of organic vegetables on a piece of land that has been loved by many before us. The Olympia Food Co-op and the Blue Heron Bakery made their humble beginnings on this land.  At Calliope we tend our vegetables, herbs, fruit and livestock in order to share that same love of good, wholesome, healthy food with the Olympia community! 


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