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Week 17

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In this week’s box:  Fingerling Potatoes, Shallots, Fresh Thyme, Celeriac, Winter Salad Mix, Red, Orange and Purple Carrots, Purple Daikon and Sweet Dumpling Squash

Last weekend we had dinner with some friends and the way they prepared the squash was a revelation.  They were cooking delicata, which is basically a sweet dumpling in a different shape.  They cut them in rounds and roasted them, with oil and onions, which is something I also like to do, but they left the seeds right in there!  Now I love roasted squash seeds, but I usually spend a lot of time painstakingly removing them from the pulpy squash innards before putting them on their own pan and watching them carefully so they don’t turn completely black.  It is a lot of work for a tiny, if delicious, reward.  Left in the squash, the seeds were crisp and that inner pulp was also somehow crisp, yet soft.  I have yet to recreate it in my own kitchen, but next time we are eating either sweet dumpling or delicata, I plan to try it myself.  

You will notice a little bundle of thyme in your box this week.  I love fresh thyme in soups and on roast meats and vegetables.  I made this salad a few weeks back, there seem to be many versions of it out there, and I thought the best part about it was the thyme and citrus marinade that went on the carrots before roasting.  We have really been enjoying the hearty winter salad mix and we hope you will too.  At this time of year when greens are generally scarce, it is so comforting to have something fresh and crunchy to eat with dinner.  They would work well as the greens in the salad mentioned above.

Happy Eating,

The Calliope Crew