Certified USDA Organic

Week 18

Large Share

Small Share

In this week’s box: Savoy Cabbage, Leeks, Kabocha Squash,

Carrots, Potatoes, Beets, Tardivo, Belgian Endive, Sugarloaf Radicchio

Dear Members, This is the last share of our late season CSA.  Thanks to everyone for venturing into the leaner season of produce with us.  The new item in this week’s box is our first attempt at Belgian endive, which is of great eating quality even if smaller and looser than we had hoped.  We find that our favorite winter salads are based on the trio of sugarloaf, tardivo, and endive.  Belgian endive is grown in the field all summer and as winter approaches it is topped and the roots are stored. Mid-winter we replant and force it in darkness in the 50 degree room we store winter squash in, then harvest the regrowth which is extremely tender and void of any bitterness.  It takes a diversity of approaches to season extension to keep it interesting in the winter; we force crops, we grown crops under protection, we choose winter hardy crops and varieties, we gamble with the weather a bit, and we stow away huge piles of storage crops.  Our farm will be at the Olympia Farmers Market straight on through the remainder of winter, so come find us there until the start of our next CSA season, and here is more information about our growing CSA program:

 We hope you have enjoyed your 2016 CSA and are looking forward to joining again this year. We are excited to announce new additions to our 2017/2018 CSA – a new Peak Season share, longer main season and winter seasons, a salad share add-on, and a full-season share that is 10 months long! We have also added another pick-up location, at the Little General Food Store in downtown Olympia on Tuesdays from 1-7pm, and the addition of a Tuesday distribution in the winter season.

2017/2018 CSA Highlights:

*New Peak Season share: 12 weeks starting in July

*Salad share add-on: add ½lb of salad mix to your weekly box, available May-Nov

*26 weekly deliveries with our Main Season share starting in late May, up from 18 weeks

*Receive vegetables through the winter with our expanded Winter share, now through March

*Full Season share is 10 months long, May 2017 through March 2018, at a discounted price

*Tuesday and Saturday deliveries at 6 Olympia locations, including a new downtown location

*Pay online with our new echeck option

*New CSA sign-up and online member accounts – view membership details and balance, and request vacation holds.

**Sign-up for the Main Season or Full Season by March 1st and receive an early bird discount!**

More information www.calliopefarm.com/csa-info

To sign-up www.calliopefarm.csasignup.com