Certified USDA Organic

CSA Week 10

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In This Week’s Box:  Potatoes, Pearl Onions, Carrots, Mini Cucumbers, Cilantro, Green Bell Peppers, Heirloom Tomatoes, Lacinato Kale and Garlic

We have some special summer treasures for you this week.  The most obvious, are the heirloom tomatoes which are just beginning to come on in force, and are so beautiful and tasty.   There are also some more subtle but equally delicious vegetables in the box today, namely the mini cukes and pearl onions.  The mini cukes are a favorite of everyone in this house because they are so crunchy and sweet.  I love them in a salad, but they barely ever make it there because it’s just too difficult to resist snacking on them, and someone always seems to be asking for a slice as they are getting cut up for dinner.  The pearl onions are also sweet and are a great addition to salads as well, but I think I like them best grilled whole with a light marinade, maybe alongside some green peppers.

Happy Eating,

The Calliope Crew