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CSA Week 11

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In This Week’s Box: Beets, Carrots, Basil, Lettuce, Zucchini, Beans, Sweet Onion, and Tomatoes

Greetings CSA members,

Jenni here, filling in on the newsletter for Teva this week.

The peak of summer is here. The tomatoes are cranking out fruit, we are firmly in the summer-time plantings of beans, cucumbers, and zucchini, the sweet corn is tassling, and all we do is harvest, harvest, harvest, and water, water, water.

As always, we have one foot in one season and the other in the next season. This week we will experience the hottest days of the year while we plant out some of the winter-time chicories, and first fall planting of radishes and arugula. I love the contradictions that farm life brings; bucking firewood on the hottest day of the year, canning the summer abundance for the dark months of winter, etc.

We hope you are enjoying the vegetables.  Happy eating and stay cool.


Adam at Left Foot

This week brings another crew introduction: Adam Andres, our field manager our remote field south of Olympia, affectionately called Left Foot after the previous tenant, Left Foot Organics. Adam manages the day-to-day production and harvest activities at that field, spending most of the week down there with one or two other crew members. They grow and harvest mainly carrots, beets, garlic, onions, large crucifers (like broccoli and cauliflower), and potatoes. When he’s not busy with production and harvest work, Adam also takes care of our machines and does carpentry work around the farm.

Adam, how long have you been farming?

AA: My career in farming began in 2012 working at Happy Hollow Farm in Jamestown, Missouri. I have been involved with some form of farming ever since. I worked on seasonal crews for both Happy Hollow and another farm in Missouri, and also bought produce for a local health food store. Upon moving to Washington I took a job at Wilcox farm (a local egg producer) for about a year, mostly working as a machine operator working in small grain production. I definitely have some stories about what it’s like working on an industrial-scale farm.

I have worked at Calliope for almost two years. I like working at Calliope because it is a growing farm so there is a lot of room for me to apply what I already know and to continue building my skills. I also really enjoy and have a lot of fun with both our seasonal and year-round crew.

Do you have a favorite vegetable or group of vegetables?

AA: I enjoy growing root and tuber crops. There is a certain magic to pulling food out of the ground. This year I have especially enjoyed growing carrots. Over the winter Jacob bought some new cultivation tools that have made managing weeds in slow-germinating carrots a lot easier. Which is good because we have a lot of carrots in the ground right now!

What’s your favorite tool to work with?

AA: It is really hard to choose favorites when it comes to tools. Instead, I like to think about which tools have been game changers over the last season. This season it is hard to choose because we have had a lot of game changers on the farm. My personal favorite this season (and I may be biased) is a pair of hand carts I built based of of plans found at farmhandcarts.com. It was my first welding project and these carts have proved indispensable to everybody on the farm. They can be used for anything!

Thanks Adam!