Certified USDA Organic

Winter CSA #7

In This Week’s Box:  Kabocha Squash, Parsnips, Rainbow Chard, Carrots, Red and Yellow Onions, Chioggia Beets, Black Radishes, Sunflower Shoots, Kale, Collard Raab, Garlic, Fingerling and Yellow Finn Potatoes

As we continue to eat through the winter crops, we are seeing the first bits of spring, pea shoots in your last box and sunflower shoots in this one.  Also the emergence of the brassica buds, called raab.  They know the spring is coming and they are telling us to eat their flowers!  Collard Raab is delicious sautéed with plenty of garlic, and that rainbow chard is too.  The mysterious looking black vegetables are potent winter radishes.  They are good thinly sliced in salad or salted to make a quick pickle.  Some folks we know like to make thin slices and eat them on rye bread spread thickly with butter.

Happy Eating,

The Calliope Crew