Certified USDA Organic

2020 CSA


Calliope Farm Community Supported Agriculture




Updated August 14th 2020: 

Our 2020 FALL CSA is open for registration.  Fresh veggies delivered to drop sites in Olympia for 8 weeks, from November 3rd to December 22nd.  Our farm grows a huge diversity of cold hardy crops and really shines as the days grow shorter.  Please see the details on our 2020 FALL CSA info and registration form here: CSA2020FALL

Look out for more info late summer about a WINTER CSA

Our 2020 SUMMER CSA is in full swing and we are still taking new members at a prorated cost.  Please email the farm if you are interested.  Please see the details on our CSA info and registration form here: CSA2020

To sign up paperlessly please email: calliopefarmoly@gmail.com with:  1. Pickup location,  2. share size and payment option,  3.Thumbs up on missed pickup policy described in registration form.  Payment options currently are limited to mailing a check to:  Calliope Farm, 1335 Overhulse rd NW, Olympia, WA 98502

Why join our CSA?

-Our CSA is a good value, our CSA offers the best produce of the season carefully chosen for balanced meals, our CSA contributes to a strong local food system, it employs and trains future farmers, and it preserves farmland, healthy ecosystems, and open spaces.



We will also still be offering our CSA Market Bucks program.  Please see below for more information on that:










For 2020 we are also continuing with our CSA Market Bucks Program.

Pay in advance and receive a 5%-15% discount depending on the number of Bucks you buy. 


Here’s how it works:


Members purchase Calliope Farm CSA Market Bucks, which are just like punch cards or gift certificates, credit is marked off as purchases are made at the market.  Redeem your credit with us at the Olympia Farmers Market Thursday – Sunday beginning early May through October and Saturday – Sunday during November and December. 

Market Bucks are sold in $50 increments

Bucks are available as follows:

$95 for 2 cards = $100 in Bucks = 5% savings

$225 for 5 cards = $250 in Bucks = 10% savings

$440 for 10 cards = $500 in Bucks = 12% saving

Early bird discount: $425 for 10 cards purchased by April 15 = $500 in Bucks = 15% savings

Why this Model? 

Choose the items that you want. 

Flexible pick up days and times.

Flexible sizing. 


How do you sign up?

Please sign up by emailing the farm at calliopefarmoly@gmail.com

Let us know how many Bucks you’d like to buy and confirm the name/names you’d like on your Bucks.  We’ll confirm your order and will have your Bucks ready for you to pickup at the market, you can bring your payment to the market when you pick up your bucks.

For the early bird discount please send a check to:

Calliope Farm

1335 Overhulse Rd NW

Olympia, WA 98502

For EBT payment, please email the farm to sign up and for instruction on payment.

Please note that we keep it low tech and do not have the ability to swipe credit cards at the market other than EBT, nor do we accept online payment at this time.

Also note that this spring of 2020 we are taking a long late-winter break to work on infrastructure projects and we will be returning to market in May or June.

The fine print:

-Lost cards are non refundable, that’s one reason they are in $50 increments.

-All credit needs to be used up by Dec 31st, at which time it expires.  We plan our production based on selling this produce in the current growing season.