Certified USDA Organic




Calliope farm is a family-run certified organic farm owned and operated by Jacob Wilson and Teva Grudin.  We grow a wide variety of vegetables and berries for sale and we integrate livestock on a small scale for family and farm use.  Passionate about quality and diversity some of our favorite things to grow are sugar snap peas, tender carrots and sunflower shoots in the spring; heirloom tomatoes, tender blue lake beans and specialty cucumbers in the summer; gourmet salad mix, radicchios and a wide variety of storage crops in the fall and winter.

We grow on 10 acres of beautiful silt-loam soil divided between two sites on the very edge of Olympia.  Our practices emphasize soil building cover-crops and long crop rotations, livestock integration, efficient water use, and season extension to offer our customers and employees year round produce and employment.

Conservation and clean food for our community and our family are what motivate us.  Drop us a line or come say hi at the Olympia Farmer’s Market.


2017 Calliope Crew – Bringing Food to the People. from top left: Brendan, Jenni, Erin, Adam, Brian, and Galen. in front: Jacob and Tove, Aurelia, and Teva (not pictured: Brian W and Arielle)